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"Mr. White, this week I wrap up a public speaking tour that started with my taking the Power of Story with you and Kelly James (who recommended the seminar). 

My tour has taken me to the Natural Science Museum in Houston all the way up to Toronto and now in doing two talks back to back at Corporate Communications Expo.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the inspiration and the push toward greatness."

~Brad P.
"Mr. White thank you for speaking to our class. I have learned a lot from you and really appreciate how you involved the entire audience. 

More importantly for me, I appreciate how you did not (Like the other speakers we've had) judge or look down on us, our tattoos, the way we dress and speak etc. You still called on us to participate and treated us with respect."

"I just finished at the White House two weeks ago with the U.S. Conference of Mayors reception with President Obama.

Because of the skills I developed from your "Power of Story" session, I was able to network with mayors from around the United States and share my narrative with them in the Cross Halls of the East Wing. 

Last week, I started an internship at the State Department and participated in a town hall with Secretary Kerry earlier this week. More to come!"

K. F.
"Rod inspires. He walks the walk and has a boundless supply of energy, smiles & encouragement. He is a natural leader. He inspires you to want to accomplish your dreams."

"Mr. White, I have heard a lot of speakers, including some of the real big names like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. And I paid a lot of money to see them... Mr. White listening to you last night and the way you kept the audience engaged throughout the evening, I must tell you that you are that good!"

I have come so far since we first started working together! That is why my business is exploding right now!

"I am a HUGE fan of Rod "The Storyteller" White! Especially his "Power of Story" workshop! Although I am a public speaker, Rod's techniques have made my presentations more impactful. He also provides a before and after video! You leave the workshop seeing where you were before the workshop, and where you are afterwards! In just a few hours you will experience a significant improvement! The class was so much fun; especially meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing their improvement! Even if you are an experienced storyteller, you'll leave Rod's workshop learning something new and useful!"

"Double Thanks Rodney White! You are one of the best things that happened to me this year. After reading your book and getting your coaching, let's just say that I've been communicating with people around me on a whole other level." 

M Faiz
"Facebook friends in the business world: I wanted to refer you to Rodney White, if you are looking for help for you and or your company for improved public speaking and sales strategies. 

We had Rodney coach our team at our sales meeting in November and it was great. His storytelling / Secrets of the Left Eye strategies really made an impact on our team.

We use his strategies every day! He traveled to work with us and the value we received for our investment was exceptional!" 

Check him out at: www.rwandassociates.net